Sales & Consulting

J | SALES is the division dedicated to advising clients who are considering the purchase of additive manufacturing equipment, helping them select the most suitable product. With more than 15 years of transversal and multi-technological fist-hand use, we can be impartial consultants highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each production approach.


It's probably too early to think of 3D printers as common household appliances. Still, it's definitely the right time to equip your company.
If you are involved in the design, engineering, manufacturing, uone prototype is more effective than 1000 meetings.


You can start by purchasing a desktop 3D printer (Desktop Range) to familiarize yourself with the technology and practice basic printing processes. A Juno consultant will help you identify the right model for you.

The Next Step

For more significant investments (Production Range)we can provide customised incubation services (6 to 24 months), guaranteeing support and sharing our experience before, during and after the purchase.