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3D Modeling

3D Modeling is transferring the idea into a mathematical representation ready to be materialized through prototyping and production.

3D Modeling - developing a real project

For us, 3D Modeling means translating the idea the client has in mind into a digital, three-dimensional mathematical visual representation.
In-depth knowledge and perfect mastery of the tools are the entry threshold to achieving an effective result, but the real value lies in the dialogue.
Quickly understanding the desired outcome the client wishes to achieve, and modeling a solid that can feasibly be produced in a scalable way, are at the heart of our 3D Modeling method.

3D Modeling - Developing a real project
3D Modeling - Developing a real project

Parametric Cads for projects with the potential to evolve

Parametric CADs allow you to set exact mechanical constraints so that you can intervene on the system when experimenting with multiple versions of the same idea.
It is possible to intervene on different levels: dimensional, geometric or even logical.
The mastery of CAD software, such as CREO PARAMETRIC, SOLIDWORKS, GEOMAGIC, which we use daily, allows us to develop different solutions until we find the one best suited to the goal.

Processing with parametric Cad
Processing with parametric Cad

From idea to prototype: people and systems

Juno consists of a close-knit group of people with heterogeneous and cross-functional skills, ranging from the analysis of the customer's specific need to the production in the end-use materials. This results in smooth and seamless coordination on the specific project, which significantly reduces the turnaround time.

Team - Juno Design
Production via 3d printing using Carbon

3D modeling and prototyping are inseparable

Over the years, here at Juno we have come to the profound conviction that it is not possible to separate the stages of analysis, 3D modeling, and prototyping. Each test on a material, for example, affects the mechanical properties, and this may lead to the need for a modification of the model or it may open up a possibility for optimization.

3D Modeling for a motorbike
Industrialized 3d model