A feast for the eyes

J | DESIGN is the group's style centre.

Our team of creatives and designers works in synergy with project designers and engineers to give each project the appropriate stylistic attention, guaranteeing original designs and disruptive results.

The competitive value is strongly linked to the working group where people from different backgrounds have created a common framework.
The harmony of views makes it possible to act quickly. The operational flexibility allows agile adaptation when changes in project specifications occur.

An object should be functional, but it should also have the right hand feel and be pleasing to the eye.

The focus on style and design has always been part of JUNO's DNA. And thanks to the in-house 3D printing department, interactions are very fast.
It is a process that goes beyond the simple sense of aesthetics, seeking the perfect combination of performance and technology.
The result is the creation of original shapes and surfaces that combine the best visual appeal and handfeel with functionality.
Juno offers a wide range of services to support clients who are looking for a reliable partner in the testing and prototyping of different combinations before going into mass production.