JUNO: New technologies and a drive for innovation

JUNO grounds its roots in the Bologna-based mechanical design studio “Studio Pedrini”. Founded in 1983, Studio Pedrini quickly became a key player in the packaging sector. Later, it expanded the business to other sectors such as food, biomedical and automotive.

JUNO is the result of the early adoption of modern additive manufacturing technologies, born of a drive for innovation. As a pioneer in the sector since the early 2000s, JUNO combines product industrialisation with close attention to design and style and, most notably, an extensive in-house rapid prototyping and production department equipped with cutting-edge industrial-grade additive manufacturing systems.

JUNO.AM: The Additive Manufacturing Galaxy

    The fourth industrial revolution is underway.
    Forget the rules of traditional production!
    Thanks to the INDUSTRIAL 3D PRINTING additive technologies, we can help you revolutionise your processes and achieve better results with reduced time and costs.

    JUNO™ is a brand that stands out thanks to its unique style. The team's creativity knows no bounds, and the proposed designs are always futuristic and breathtaking.

    A historic mechanical design studio, which has been working alongside leading companies in the industrial sector since the 1980s, is not afraid to innovate and always stay abreast of new technologies. A perfect balance between experience and innovation.

    Is your business ready to make an investment and have in house equipment? Contact us. We are happy to share our first-hand experience with you. We'll help you choose the most suitable machines and plan your new department.

    We have always been a team of innovators, united and determined, investing energy in new ideas and interpreting them to make our mark. The best is yet to come!


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Our daily work, the challenges we tackle and the tests on the innovations in our fields of interest: they’re all evaluated in our laboratories to assess quality, efficiency and performance.