Shaping the future

J | FUTURE is where tomorrow's innovation finds both substance and method.

We are involved in several initiatives that are already defining the changes that are taking place in technologies, materials, production systems and processes.

Today's pioneers are those who connect the dots, those whose clear vision capture the next demands of companies, professionals and consumers.

  • 3Festo
    Innovative StartUp developing hardware and software solutions to increase efficiency of 3D printing operators.
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  • Amadam Additive Manufacturing
    We are part of the consortium within the European Project focused on advanced design rules for 3D printed components.
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  • Bi-Rex
    We are founding members of the Competence Center of Bologna, established by MISE, with specialized focus on Big Data.
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  • Caiman (UniBo)
    We have a close collaboration with the research group with which we analyse our additive manufacturing data.
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  • Clust-ER MECH
    We are part of the mechatronics and motoristics cluster of the Emilia Romagna region.
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  • Contemporary Art
  • Fablab Network
    Since the early days of this movement originating from MIT, we have been active in the makers' communities in the province of Bologna.
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Juno has always been at the centre of an effervescent ecosystem with the aim of meeting talents and helping to shape the next disruptive idea.