R&D Studio Pedrini

J | R&D represents our history but is also the fulcrum around which the galaxy of Juno's divisions often revolves.

Our highly skilled experts and engineers are ready to work with your company.
A perfect combination of experience and innovation.

30 people, 520 square metres, and more than 600 projects managed per year are the numbers that make up the backbone of the Studio Pedrini R&D division.
Founded in 1983, the design studio on the outskirts of Bologna has been offering traditional technical drawing services for the industrial sector since day one.
Over the years, the area has become known as “packaging valley". The Studio has opened up to the packaging industry, and other sectors such as the food, biomedical and automotive industries.

Design, product development, industrialisation, research and simulation work together to provide a prompt response to the market.

Studio Pedrini represents the root from which the whole Juno galaxy has developed: new technologies and a drive for innovation have allowed the Studio to grow and build a team of highly qualified professionals capable of responding to market changes and clients' needs.

Having strong confidence in the design process is the entry threshold for tackling, without preconceived opinions, the input and intervention of the other divisions: in this way all actions can be directed towards a clear goal. Selecting a prototyping or production technology, or choosing a material is always strictly linked to a real design requirement.