Progettazione Meccanicas

Product Design

Thanks to our long-standing experience, we offer innovative technical solutions that guarantee optimum engineering for your products meeting production numbers and requirements.

From idea to prototype

If your company doesn't have an in-house technical department, you don't need to worry: we can provide expert support right from the preliminary phases of the project by brainstorming all the possibilities, even together with the client, and discussing any potential issues. We are all pulling together in the same direction with one goal in mind: creating the perfect project.

Industrial equipment
Industrial equipment

Identifying the technologies to be used

During the product engineering phases, it is essential to consider all the critical aspects that may arise during production and always proceed with a cost-saving approach. We are always in contact with our suppliers to monitor technical specifications and production costs.

Product development

Test phase and support during production

It is crucial to achieving the ideal conditions by investing in prototyping and pre-production before starting complex and expensive production. Thanks to JUNO's in-house laboratory, we provide a comprehensive service to our clients. Once the product reaches peak performance, we will accompany our clients throughout production if required.

Project review

Machinery, electronic devices, accessories

The heterogeneous skills within our team and in the network of our collaborators allow us to cater to a wide range of sectors.

Product development
Product development