Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing

J | 3DPRINT is the division dedicated to Additive Manufacturing we built it around the expertise resulting from 15 years of research and testing.

Making products by 3D printing offers a series of significant advantages, including:

  • stock reduction: production can be reduced to what is strictly necessary, thus eliminating the need for minimum batches
  • customisation: each piece can be unique in terms of shape, finish, engraving or any other detail
  • reduced Time to Market: simultaneously access to multiple technologies cuts the testing time and therefore allows you to face the market challenges with a significant advantage over your competitors
  • a wide range of materials: 3D printing allows the use of plastics, composites or metals, each with its specific characteristics, with no entry threshold in terms of volume.
Additive manufacturing has been the enabler that has allowed Juno's beating heart, design, to grow and develop into those areas of manufacturing where versatility and speed can be differentiating factors.
From prototypes to pre-production, Juno supports innovators.